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Strengths at Cal Poly

CliftonStrengths® began as a pilot program at Cal Poly in Fall 2014. Thousands of students, faculty, and staff have discovered their top five talents and are applying them to succeed in their personal, academic and career goals. Strengths are a priority across campus to help all Cal Poly community members succeed in their personal, academic, and career goals.

Strengths allows students to engage in intentional self-discovery and confidence development, complementing our “Learn by Doing” approach.


Think of the last time you walked into a room and felt ready to face that presentation or test. No sweaty palms, just confidence.

CliftonStrengths® programming prepares students to explore multiple solutions for an ever changing world, with not only the technical and classroom knowledge, but experiences that build confidence, awareness of your unique strengths and exploration in using your strengths to your advantage. Cal Poly students build the tools and knowledge to succeed, and more importantly, the empowerment to be successful.

What does success look like?

How can I take the CliftonStrengths® assessment?

Where can I connect with strengths?


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