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Cal Poly made a campus-wide commitment to strengths in order to support student success. Strengths helps students identify their talents, develop their talents into strengths, and direct their strengths towards activities and experiences that will help them succeed in their academic, personal, and career goals.

New Cal Poly students first learn about strengths during SLO Days (new student orientation). In August all new students receive an email providing them with a personalized code and information about taking the CliftonStrengths® assessment. Students are expected to complete the CliftonStrengths® assessment BEFORE Week of Welcome (WOW). During WOW all new students attend a strengths presentation, introducing students to the concept of strengths and sharing resources.

As more students, staff, faculty, and friends discover and apply their strengths, students can expect to utilize strengths in the following ways:

  • Conversations with staff, faculty, and peers
  • Academic success – develop effective study habits and succeed in group projects
  • Student involvement and leadership – enhance students' abilities to work with and lead others
  • Friendships and relationships – establish supportive relationships with friends, roommates, and classmates
  • Career success – explore career opportunities that fit with individual strengths

Talk to your student about the CliftonStrengths® process and their strengths. By asking your student about how they use their strengths and encouraging them to engage with strengths resources, they can find opportunities to be their best every day.

For more information about strengths and the CliftonStrengths®  program at Cal Poly, visitResources.

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