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StrengthsQuest is Now CliftonStrengths® for Students!

What is CliftonStrengths®?

CliftonStrengths® is a tool that provides Cal Poly faculty and staff members with the opportunity to discover your innate talents through reflective activities that equip you with the foundation to apply strengths with students.

You can mentor, advise, or teach students to apply their own strengths to maximize their academic engagement and success.

You begin with the 30-minute online CliftonStrengths® assessment which provides a customized report of your own top five talent themes.

Did You Know?

Over 520 Cal Poly faculty and staff members have completed CliftonStrengths® training.

Since Fall 2014, all new Cal Poly students have had the opportunity to discover their top five talent themes and develop them through CliftonStrengths® workshops.

Cal Poly faculty are using strengths to:

  • Improve student collaboration and teamwork in group projects
  • Help students develop confidence in their learning ability
  • Facilitate leadership in student clubs and organizations

Cal Poly staff are using strengths to:

  • Coach students through personal and academic difficulty
  • Guide students to resolve roommate conflicts
  • Prepare students for internship and career opportunities


How Do I Discover My Top Five?

For access to the CliftonStrengths® assessment, register for a CS 100: Introduction to CliftonStrengths® workshop.

I love the idea of being able to relate to and understand students better by knowing their strengths. - CS 100 Participant

At this interactive professional development workshop, you will:

  • Discover your top five talent themes
  • Develop a basic understanding of a strengths-based approach in your role


Workshops are offered quarterly; visit the Faculty/Staff Events page for more details. Please email to request an invitation, or watch for announcements in the Cal Poly Report and CTLT Newsletter.

How Do I Mentor Others Using a Strengths-Based Approach?

Take your Strengths knowledge to the next level at a CS 200: Strengths-Based Mentoring, Advising, and Teaching workshop.  At this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the 34 themes and identify ways to mentor students in applying strengths to achieve personal, academic, and career success.

At this workshop you will:

  • Discover ways to apply your signature strengths to become an effective Strengths Mentor
  • Formulate a deeper understanding of themes and theme dynamics
  • Develop a strategy to help students intentionally apply their strengths for greater personal, academic, and career engagement and success

Workshops are offered quarterly, and registration is open only to those who previously attended CS 100. Visit the Faculty/Staff Events page for more details.

How Do I Request a CliftonStrengths® Workshop for My Department?

If your department is interested in using CliftonStrengths® with students, you can request a department workshop by completing the Strengths Training Request form. Please note that department workshops are available to groups of 10 or more; for smaller departments, please visit the Faculty/Staff Events page to RSVP for the campus-wide workshops.

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